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Fort Collins

The Original


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Experience a handful of quintessential Fort Collins spots, stops and shops in this Caper. Whether you’re new to town or you’ve been here forever, we hope you get a fresh look at this uniquely awesome place.

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As a ten-year local, I've never seen downtown that way before.
— Robyn
It was fun! I learned new things and loved the spots that were included.
— Deborah
Not knowing where we were going was fun. It felt a little like a scavenger hunt. This was a different activity from the normal 'let's have lunch' thing.
— Sarah

our story

Hi! We’re Amy and Blair, good friends and business partners. We have the great fortune of living in one of the top-ranked cities in the US--Fort Collins, Colorado--and we’re thrilled to show it off in a whole new way.

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